What is the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020?

In December 2019, the U.S. Congress introduced a new draft bill that proposed the regulation of virtual assets in the new decade.

FATF’s Crypto Travel Rule vs AML/KYC: How They Differ and Work Together

The FATF’s R.16 “Crypto Travel Rule” aims to identify crypto transmitters. How does it differ from current AML/KYC efforts and is KYC still needed?

What is AML/KYC in Crypto?

What is AML/KYC in crypto? This guide looks at AML/KYC’s history, impact, processes, current limitations and the parties who must adhere to it.

Why Regulations Will Benefit the Crypto Industry in the Long Run

The anonymity associated with virtual assets like Bitcoin has put cryptocurrencies firmly in the crosshairs of regulators like the FATF, and is now considered a fundamental weakness hampering their mass adoption. Here’s why and how new regulations will benefit the crypto industry over the long term.